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Information From Your Pittsburgh And Cranberry Township, PA DJ On How To Choose The Right DJ For You
FAQS From Your Pittsburgh And Cranberry Township, PA DJ

Here are answers to some questions you may have about my DJ services.

How much do you charge & are you available on my date? (The most popular questions!)

My fee depends on a number of factors...more specifically the type of event you are having and the number of hours you require.  As for availability, all that needs is a quick check of my calendar.  You may contact me by either email or by completing my Information Request Form and I will respond to you as quickly as possible.  Please make certain to provide me with all the details of your event.  If you prefer to speak with me directly, please call me at 724.453.0369.

How do I reserve a date with you?

Receipt of a signed contract and a retainer fee will guarantee your date for you.  As a courtesy and if you ask, I will hold a date for you for a period of 2 weeks.  If someone were to inquire about an event for that same day, you will be contacted about officially booking the date.

What types of music do you play?

All types! I have a little bit of everything and will work with you in choosing the type of music you want at your event.  I am, however, very sensitive to the audience and tend to refrain from songs that may be inappropriate to your event.  Songs that may contain graphic language/themes are avoided and/or edited versions are used. For a look at a sample music list, click here!

Will you take requests from me & my guests?

Of course!  I will always take requests from you and want to know the songs you want to hear and I also want to know the songs you don't want to hear.  You know your style and your guests' style and I want to make certain that I play the songs that will get everyone out on the dance floor and keep them there.   I also encourage guest requests because it helps me to "read" the crowd and play the music that will keep the party hopping!  However, requests for songs that are not appropriate to your event and/or requests for songs that are on your do not play list will not be played unless you personally give the OK.

Do you do any costume changes, skits, or anything that might embarrass me or my guests?

Not at all.  I will never do anything that would make you or any of your guests feel uncomfortable.  I wouldn't want anyone to do that to me so you can rest assured that I will not do it to you.  I will not pull people from the crowd to do silly dances.  I will not make people wear costumes.  I will not sing (which is a good thing!).  And, I will not put on a show or allow anyone else to do so without your prior knowledge.  I want everyone to remember how much fun they had at your event, not the crazy DJ who spoiled everything.

What will you wear?

My attire will depend on the type of event you are having. For wedding receptions and all formal events, I will wear a tuxedo. If you prefer, I will wear a dark suit. For less formal occasions, I will either wear a suit or Docker-style pants and a button down Oxford or polo shirt.  However, this is your event and my attire is your decision and will be discussed with you beforehand.

How early do you arrive at an event?

Depending on the type of event, I will arrive 1 to 2 hours prior to the contracted start time.  This allows me enough time to set-up my equipment and be ready for when your guests begin to arrive.

Do you have a wireless microphone?

Yes!  Having a wireless microphone makes it much easier for toasts & announcements to be made from anywhere in the room.  There is no extra charge for use of a wireless microphone.

Will you take any breaks?

No...I will not take any breaks.  The music will play from the moment your guests arrive until it's time to go home!

Can I see you in action at your next event?

Because the majority of events I DJ are private, I do not invite potential clients to visit me while I am working.  I want to make certain that 100% of my efforts are focused on the wishes of the client that hired me.  If you contract with me, you can rest assured that my attention will be on you and not towards someone who is coming to see me.  If you would like to speak to or email some of my references, please let me know.  I would be happy to provide you with some names and contact information.

Do you hang any signs around the room?

No...I will not place any signs in or around the room . This is your event and I am there to promote you, not me!

If you have a question that is not listed here, please let me know!  You can click here to email me, complete my Information Request Form, or call me at 724.453.0369.

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